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Speakers Management supports nationally and internationally known speakers handling all logistics, marketing, bureau and client relations. A full service business solution for speakers, Speakers Management offers the following services:

  • Speaking Engagement Logistics
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Speakers' Bureau/Client relations
  • Reporting/Invoicing/Accounting


Caryn Shehi, President
Speakers Management
2133 Beach Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Phone: 415.292.7900
Cell: 530.277.2008
Fax: 415.737.1410
Email: info@speakersmanagement.com

We are happy to send you the information you need on speeches and all programs, including a DVD. Because of our long standing relationships with our friends at the Speakers Bureaus wed appreciate you telling us how you heard about Bob, Daniel, and Andy.

Speakers Management | 2133 Beach Street, San Francisco CA 94123
TEL: 415.292.7900 | CELL: 530.277.2008 | FAX: 415.737.1410
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